All In The Family: Wine meets Muisc


As you have probably gathered from our website, we love to include our family in all things we do (blame it on the Italian heritage). Luckily for us we happen to have some pretty talented family members! Enter my sister in law, Alyssa Kayhill; a remarkable New York City singer-songwriter. I was thrilled when she offered to write and record an original song for VinIzzo titled “Sempre Noi.  We believe that one of the greatest pairings for wine is music. Pop a cork, sit back and sip away as you enjoy this jazzy tune!  If you like what you hear be sure to check it out, click here for song on iTunes.

Credits: Singer-songwriter, Alyssa Kayhill; Drums, Eran Fink; Bass, Tamir Shmerling; Trumpet, Wayne Tucker